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WordStream’s AdWords Perfromance Grader: A Potentially Valuable Tool for SMB’s

WordStream has just released a compelling free tool targeted at SMB’s: the AdWords Performance Grader.  This new tool promises a free, instant audit of your AdWords account performance in eight key areas of PPC.  They’ve also included a best-practices checklist.  Here’s a list of the areas their tool covers:

  1. Wasted Spend (Negative Keywords)
  2. Quality Score
  3. Impression Share
  4. Click Through Rate (CTR)
  5. Account Activity
  6. Long-tail Keyword Optimization
  7. Text Ad Optimization
  8. Landing Page Optimization

The idea sounds great; auditing performance in an AdWords accounts is hard and complicated work.  The tool uses the performance and activities of other accounts with similar spend levels to your own for context.  For example: if they have observed that accounts similar to yours add 100 negative keywords per month, and you haven’t added any, then it might suggest that you are falling behind with your search query mining efforts.  If this is true you might be wasting a large percentage of your budget on irrelevant search queries.

While I don’t completely agree with everything the tool does to grade performance, I do agree that the areas that this new tool focuses on can have a profound effect on your account’s overall performance.

I would recommend you give it a try to see how you compare.  Make sure you let WordStream know what you think of the tool and the grade you receive.  Hopefully, with enough feedback this new AdWords tool could become even more useful.

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