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Response to Siddharth’s Chernoff Faces

This post is in response to Siddharth Shah’s article today over at Search Engine Land.  He used Chernoff faces to show us a multi-dimensional view of data.  I thought the article was awesome, and it inspired me to copy down the data he used in this article and put in Tableau

In the screen-shot below you will see the same data from Siddharth’s post in a scatter-plot. 

Here is how the data is visualized:

Text: Geography

Shape: Spend Range

Size: Lead Range

Color: CPA

X-Axis: CTR

Y-Axis: CVR

 I’m going to send Siddharths’s post to Tableau and see if they can add Chernoff faces to their visualization capabilities.  

Another thing that Tableau does that would be awesome with the Chernoff faces, is their ability to use “time” as a dimension and show motion or change over time.  That means if a face at the start date was sad and unhappy it might change to happy as time goes by during the time-progression animation.

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