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Broad Match Modifier Tool Updated

After receiving some feedback from Craig Danuloff I made some changes and improvements to the Broad Match Modifier Tool.

Now you can choose which words in the keyword phrase you want to always have a “+”, sometimes have a “+” sign, and never have a “+” sign.  I also made some corrections to the number of variations the tool produces (the old tool was missing some combinations on the 4 & 5 word phrases).

Broad Match Modifier Tool

Broad Match Modifier Tool

Hope this makes your Broad Match Modifier efforts a little easier.

**Special thanks to Jordan Embry and Landon Myers for helping make this tool possible**

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2 Responses to “Broad Match Modifier Tool Updated”

  1. Dave October 20, 2011 at 7:10 am #

    Thanks for this useful tool. Cant wait to start genning some KW’s and testing them out. Appreciate all you guys do to make our jobs easier (and more profitable!).


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